How to Make a Homeschool Report Card

 This report card is for four quarters; nine weeks in each quarter; 180 days.

I'm using a 7x10 glossy photo paper from Red River Paper, but you can use card stock if you prefer. Just cut it to 7x10.

In Microsoft Word, click on File, Page Set Up, then under Paper Size, choose Custom (or Manage Custom Sizes) and create size 7x10.

When you go back to Word, the page will have shrunk and should be longways from left to right (landscape).

In the toolbox, or toolbar, choose 2 Columns. This is the front and back of the card. For the front (second column on the right side of the card), I chose an updated photo of my daughter, along with other school information: name, grade, etc, and typed "Report Card" above her photo. I completed it with a border. Something simple. You could also choose your family Crest or Coat of Arms, or other symbols representative of your homeschool or family name.

Press Return (or Enter) until a second page pops up. This should already have two columns, but check it to be sure. This is the inside of the card. I wanted to have a total of 180 days so I broke it up into four 9 week segments.

To do this, I created one chart from the toolbar menu. Click on Tables. You will need 10 columns for the table and 8 rows. I set the left and right margins at 0.35.

Beginning in the second column, type the number of weeks from "week 1" to "week 9", until all but the first column has a week. Then, type the subjects your child is taking, beginning on the first column in the second row. (See photo for example).

Now that you have completed one table, simply highlight the entire table with your mouse, Copy and Paste three more onto the inside of the card. (See photo)

That's it! I recommend printing a test card onto computer paper first, and folding it to be certain everything lines up. Mine wouldn't print the left line on the left side of the charts, but it's no big deal, I can correct it by adjusting margins, or with a ruler and pen.

This will be the only report card they have for the full year. I simply tally up their scores each week, in each subject, and enter them into the report card. My kids love seeing the results of their hard work!

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