Can You Eat Carrot Tops?

There's a large variety of green vegetables we know are safe to consume, but can we safely eat all green parts of vegetable plants? Probably not.

I've often wondered if lush green carrot tops were edible, and felt they mostly resembled an herb. I've researched this and found differences.

 The Carrot Museum promotes carrot tops, with recipes to boot!
The New York Times refers to carrot tops as "The Toxic Salad." with specific mention on the variety, "Queen Anne's lace."
Gilt Taste says "Yes, carrot tops are edible... and delicious."

Experimenting with different foods is fun, but I need to know they are safe to eat. While I'm cautious of the articles' warning, I'm curious to know how others have posted such rave reviews. So, how can we know for sure if carrot tops are safe to consume? By following recipes from published cookbooks compiled by horticulturists, and culinary chefs. Chances are, though, if your family has been consuming these lush tops for decades, you can probably eat them, too.

What about you? Have you experimented with carrot tops? What are your thoughts?


  1. We haven't tried carrot tops. Our animals get the tops when we have them.


  2. The Agrarian Nation had an entry about eating greens and carrot tops a while back- . I think I'd try it in little doses and see what happens.